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User Guide: How to Configure a Printer in Windows 7

A printer – connected to your computer system through USB – may certainly turn out to be wearisome and problematic on several fronts simply because USB-connected machines cannot be as reliable as those connected through a network.

In today’s advanced network ecosystem, every device and machine is being connected to the home network using Wi-Fi connectivity. It offers a smooth and flawless service that you can always rely on. But setting up a printer on a particular home network can attract some technical issues if you don’t take the procedure properly. If you want to configure your printer machine in your computer system running on Windows 7 OS, you will need to find some solutions so that you can add your printer without any technical flaw.

Else, you can also reach out to expert Windows technical support professionals for Printer who can help you with their accurate techniques and tools.

This write-up details some easy tips for Window 7 printer installation on your computer system. If you are ready to begin the process, here is how:

Search Windows 7 printer driver:

The most appropriate approach to install printer in your Windows 7 computer system is all based on the drivers that you are installing on your computer system to run the printer. On the other hand, if you are upgrading your computer system to the Windows 7 OS, it will also automatically update the existing driver to the latest edition.

Moreover, if you are already using Windows 7, you can check for the updates available and make sure the printer you are using supports the driver installed on your computer system. Technical support for printer

Install Network Printers Locally:

If you are using a printer on a network (which is obvious in the edge of wireless devices), then you should install the printer on the home network. After completing the driver installation, you better use LPT 1 as the port and then make a change the port setting.

To make a change in the port settings, you need to:

  • Go to Device and Printers settings
  • Do a right click and select Printer Properties
  • Select the Ports and Add Port tab
  • Here, you need to select New Port

After this, you need to follow the instructions displayed in the wizard screen.

Add printer driver manually:

If the tips mentioned above don’t work out, you can also add the driver manually. Windows 7 allows you to get your printer driver installed on your computer system.

These are some tips that you can use install printer driver on your computer system. In case of any technical flaw, you can reach out to the expert Windows tech support technicians and get your issues resolved easily.