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Resolve issues of setting printer online in Windows with fast and speedy printer support

Printers are a useful computer peripheral that is used for taking print outs for individual as well as commercial purposes. As printers are an essential part of computers, they are used online, but sometimes your printers can go offline when you try to take a print out. Computer users who are new to Windows 10 or 8.1 interface and have no idea of how to handle the operating systems like to go for XP or Vista in order to make printer online from printer offline status. It is a common fact that printers go offline owing to the following reasons:

• Network or USB cable connectivity issues.
• Paper jam or out of paper issues.
• Printer hardware faults.
• Printer driver corruption.

Once all these problems or issues are resolved, your printer will come back to online automatically. To get a print out, you may need to make a printer online manually. Making a printer go online on Windows 10 or 8.1 is totally different from previous operating systems, including XP and Vista (except Windows 7). Initially, a right clicking can help you make your printer go online. But things are quite different in the newer versions as technology giant Microsoft has completely changed the method of making a printer online from offline in Windows 7.

This is common with all printers. Whether you are using a Samsung printer, Dell printer, Lexmark printer, Canon printer HP printer, Brother wireless printer, Kodak printer, Okidata printer, Espon printer, or any other branded printer, you may face the problem of going online from printer offline status.

When it comes to setting printer online on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, Windows users can go for the following steps to get a better result and solve printing issues. These include:

1). Go to control panel; press Windows Key with I (WIN+I) or use charm bar.
2). Click on Devices and Printers in Large or Small icons view of control panel.
3). Check is the offline printer is slightly faded. Right click on it and select ‘See what’s printing’.
If you are still not able to get a solution, simply go for printers help support to make a real difference.

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