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Recently voted as TIME Magazine’s 50 Most Influential Gadgets of All Time, HP’s smallest one-in-all Inkjet printing machine, nicknamed as HP DeskJet 3700, has been reinvented with the latest features and applications, which promise for more exciting technological wonders. As the popularity of smart phones is on its high, HP has kept the same into its consideration while reinventing the printer machine. With an objective to allure digital natives, the new and the smallest Inkjet printing machine is a well capable of printing images directly from Facebook, Instagram, and other social media websites.

HP DeskJet 3700 has been redesigned to eat up lesser space – just half the size of other printers with same capabilities in its class. However, the new HP printer is said to be more capable and efficient with robust print, scan and copy potentials. The printer machine is not only made to minimize the space, rather the manufacturer has brought in a range of glowing color shades ranging from Electric Blue to Sea Grass Green and Stone on the printer, which really justifies its tiny size.

As, all the time technical challenges have their own place in all types of machines, it would be a senseless assumption to believe that the HP DeskJet 3700 is quite immune to possible issues. Previously, users have experienced a number of issues with the printer machine, regardless of the technological advantages; you should also be prepared to face such conditions with the new DeskJet printer.

In the same way as the users have been experiencing common printer issues, the technicians have made it quite possible for the users to prevail over the situations easily with the help of reliable HP printer tech support. In case of any technical obstacles identified in HP DeskJet 3700, you should immediately get access to HP printer support for help and support on all HP printers to troubleshoot printer problems.

Technological benefits:

With the help of Wi-Fi Direct feature, it is quite easy for the consumers to start the printing right from their mobile phone. You can connect the machine to your mobile phone through the Wi-Fi and send print command easily. In addition to it, it allows the users to print or to share custom design images from their social networking profile with the help of HP Social Media Snapshots app.

Last but not the least, it is aimed at promoting environmental-friendly energy usage as you don’t need to worry about the energy consumption – it consumes the least energy. If you want to know more about its technical specifications and other benefits, you can contact HP technical support team by dialing HP support phone number and know about the new DeskJet 3700.

Though the printer is yet to hit the market, but it is ascertained that it is going to take the technology world by storm with the help of its advanced features.

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