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Hassle-free resolution to canon printer error code 5200 or p08

The Error code 5200 or P08 are the most common Canon printer issues in which printers appear with the blinking light on the display and the cartridge gets overheated due to which ink present in the cartridges could get damaged. The two most important function of the cartridge is to print and other is to cool down the temperature of the printer heads, which is always needed to maintain, otherwise you could face many more trouble.

However, nothing to worry as you can easily get rid of these issues with the help of the Canon printer technical support or you can also go through the solution procedure shown in this article.


5200 error message solution on Canon printers

This issue generally happens after restoring your printer and thus you frequently change your ink cartridge and do not get any changes in your trouble. This is why you are suggested to go through the rebooting process to restore the printer. Just go through the Canon support pages or through the steps shown below:

  • Disconnect the printer from the power cord
  • Open the gates of the printer’s
  • Now plug-in the power cord while holding your On or Off button
  • Release the On or Off button and then close the printers gate
  • Now turn on your printer

Error code P08 Canon Printer solutions

Display on the printer shows with the blinking light with the character P then 0 then 8. This specifies that the print head temperature is high. In this case, you must be thinking to replace the cartridge but it does not work after some times. So, you just need to call on the Canon printer technical support number or you just require going through the tutorial shown below:

Go through the fixes to reset this error P08:

  • Off the printer and plug the power cord
  • Press the STOP or RESET button and then hold and press the power button
  • While pressing the power button, free STOP and RESET and then press STOP/RESET two time while keep pressing your power button
  • Now release all these press simultaneously
  • Now ignore when computer will detect new device
  • Now off your printer and then again turn on

These all information and solution procedure is really going to sort out your Canon printer Error code 5200 or P08. If you find any kind of issues while going through these processes then you can connect with the Canon experts and get rid of all these issues without any hassle.

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